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Music Mashup: Anyone else want to deconstruct songs into layers they can mix and mash? Answered

With all the technologies avaialbe today does anyone know of an all encompassing program that can break (deconstruct) songs into layers? As in break back down into the layers used to make the master recordings. So yu can create your own mash ups? Say i want the guitar riff from AC/DC and trumpet "layer" from Dizzy Gillespie. Not trying to steal and sell it, just mix and share for personal. Thank you, Yellowshades


No need ot ask the same question more than once in the Q&A section. But rick is right. This is a better topic for the Music Forum section. You may be able to strip the vocals out of a song but may have a hard time isolating individual instruments.

Your best bet for achieving your goal is finding a copy of the studio master track for the songs you want to work with. Then everything will be on it's own track and you can mix and master it as you wish. But its rare that studios release the masters.

However there is a way you can at least remove the vocals from a song. Here is a method that uses Audacity to remove vocals. As for isolating individual instruments... can't be done without the master.

I know, it was a mistake. I didn't see the first one post. Anyway, I see the audacity program but its very limited. I will start this convo over in Forum and look for a broad conversation. Thank you

My Bad. I am new to Instructables. I will move it over to Forum to get a wider more engaging convo started.