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Musicians of the mandolin and guitar read this Answered

does anyone if the instruments included in this package ( http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rogue-Acoustic-Guitar-and-Mandolin-Pack?sku=511194 ) are any good? according to the reviewers they sound pretty good. But it seems too good to be true. For reference, i have some guitar experience, and no mandolin experience, and have been wanting to learn both.


i have heard not so good things about rogue. i would say to find a forum for learning mandolin and ask about a good one on there as im afraid that i dont know about mandolin. as for guitar, how much would you be willing to spend on one?

well i was more interested in the mandolin but only by a slight margin, cause i'd like to learn to play more than bass, so i was looking for something cheaper. Just to start on though, cause everyone buys a guitar just to buy another once they have had some practice (i can't explain that well, but its what i'm told) so i wanna go cheap and buy something amazing when i'm better.

It would be better quality than a guitar produced ten years ago for the same price, but still not really worth the money. You've got to ask yourself, however, if the labor practices involved in getting an instrument this cheaply jive with your morals. These are produced somewhere in Asia at substandard working conditions, I'd bet.

yeah one of the reviewers said that both the mandolin and guitar said "made in china" on them

yeah i inquired about it w/ the hopes that someone who logs on to instructables, bought that package, and i could tell me if its worth it. Until then though i'm gonna stick to the idea that its too good to be true.

ya seriously i think your better off just going and buying a guitar at guitar world or long and mcquade if ur in canada like me... that thing is probably a cheap piece of crap lol..probably worth 50 bucks

well i dont know acoustics very well...i play hard rock on a 1000 dollar godin..anyways enough with the showing off : ) i dont think a package that costs 100 bux and has 2 instruments can be any good...sorry bud but i think its too good to be true..a cheap acoustic alone costs 100 bucks