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My 2nd Scholarship proposal: Mobile Web Cam Interface for exploration and interaction Answered

I thought about this one at lunch with a friend of mine. Basically, it is a way for some one to interact, follow, communicate, and explore a space. So if you couldn't be somewhere "physically" the robot would take that place. -So in essence you would have the robot fill in the persons presence and you would be able to interact with the robot just like the other person was there! Say for instance, you have a client 3 states over and you have this robot on hand with wireless i-net in the room. Your client could log into the computer via remote host and be there where you are. You both can interact with each other, your client can follow you around say an office, share contact files from cell phones via Bluetooth, and a few other neat features! Materials, Create Webcam with laser pointer ( to accurately show where user is looking, e.g. from the robots view you see a paper cup, the person beside the robot will see exactly what you're seeing!) Mini itx cpu with wireless capabilities and Bluethooth (for on the fly file sharing) Robotic arm And program the create to follow "joystick" commands from the user speakers If you have an easier way of doing this or think something should be added on let me know!!! Thanks


Yeah, aarone, I wish I had the money and time to build a personal mech. :)


11 years ago

See, it starts with this kind of stuff, and evolves into people with big mechs blowing each other up. Way to go Kira ;) Either that, or as has been suggested before, they become Cylons...

Wow! that's a big project! How about a hologram of the other person? lol Maybe V2? Good Luck! hope you do it!

-The sketch is rough I know, but I see a lot of promise with this idea. My only concern is that the narrow time limit may prevent me from developing/debugging a true user friendly interface. I can get the rest of it to work no problem, but combining all the controls, video, and audio inputs into one single interface will be my challenge. - I also would like (if I get a create) for one of the Instructable team members give it a go sometime after the 2nd contest deadline and see what they think! i guess I will have to wait and see! :D


11 years ago

I have to hand it to you, you really have your work cut out for you but if you can pull it off it'll be awesome.

If I were to win one of these creates I think I would do this one, because it is more interactive. I would like to be able to share my work with others and who knows it might catch on with other hobbyist as well. Since I am more familiar with mainboards and remote terminal setups this would be a more feasible project than my first. None the less, it will be a challenge, but in the realm of my skill level. Thanks Asyn :)

Well, the way I see it we should all have fun, learn from others, and see what happens. I am really interested in seeing this come together and how others solve their own technical issues. So have fun! :D

yeah, zach, sadly, with this project's limited scope, theres alot of projects going towards a few centralized goals. i'm guessing physical design and technology implimentation is whats going to set them apart. another thing to look into is how synnergestically the robot works with the user. (user frendliness earns many, many points)

Sounds a lot like what I'm planning on doing, Hopefully 2 different approaches will yield completely different results :D