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My Aspie Assesment Answered


A copy of my assessment might help people understand more about Asperger's Syndrome and how adults are assessed.

Only two doctors in New Zealand are able to assess adults for Asperger's Syndrome. This is because adults have learned coping skills and adapted to the rest of the world. For adults there is no standardized test available. The doctor just sits down and lets the conversation go wherever and whichever way it wants to.


I was assessed much in the same way, except, I had MMPI, IQ, and other tests in my file from when I was 22. I was also asked to repeat the MMPI, IQ, and rorshak, again before I was given the final diagnosis.

 except, I had MMPI, IQ, and other tests in my file from when I was 22.

I did those at age 25 (last July I was 53) and in my documentation to Dr Taylor before seeing him, I mentioned them and the tests.

While the psychologist in 1981 set up each item of the IQ test in front of me, I told him why each test could not be consistent, he pointed out that that I was holding up for him, on his side, showed him how to lay out these so it would be consistent.

I totally failed the social tests and just one of the others, Against the clock I had to decode a message, the trick was, moving my eyes from the message upwards to the cypher and finding the item I needed, I failed that because of my eyes not being coordinated, in fact, I am clumsy, 

I remember one question,

Define "matchless" in one word. It took me a instant to reply. You try it.

Define "matchless" in one word. It took me a instant to reply. You try it.
What did you reply with? Do you remember?

Since the IQ test I was given both times were strictly based on patterns in numbers I would have to say. "zero" Beyond that I would have to know more about the scope of the test.

 I will own up


I was scored on efficiency in answers

how long did all you tests last?

was that word association? The mmpi is 3 hours. Then IQ and rorshak another 3 hours. there was two more written but honestly I don't know what they call them, but they were social not IQ. for another hour and I have spent about 6 hours in the chair with the psych plus they used my previous testing from when I was younger. I am guessing that was a week of my life when you add it all up. Of course that dosen't count the fact that the ones from when I was younger were done while I was inpatient at pajamaland.

is there such a thing as OUTpatient at pajamaland meaning you come and go in uniform PJ

After each test, the guy and me discussed the test, he said I was getting thru twice as fast as others and I still got better results, so one major result was, I was told I only had a communication issue (1981) in 1991 another psychologist in a difference hospital district sent me to a speech therapist, who reported nothing wrong.

about 3 years ago I had a run in with Telecom NZ, a high up manager, who WAS a mate, he had been misinformed be a lady claiming to represent my psycrttirst, he had taken me off Lithium, she dedicicded ...

not well just now, will redo this in MS word.

that test was 25 questions, each question was timed up the point I began answering, and was about my choice of, and number of words in answering.

the final score was by count, number of words used assessed as per level in vocabulary, 3 or 5 or 10, 15, 25 etc age level, and the tester had to add in his personal opinion which was between 0 and 10% . I got 100% plus.

Taking my history, he said outside his office he would have given me 25% minus, minus and plus refers to uncertainty factor

That is not a test I was given. The mmpi takes three hours just because it's so many questions. Minnesota, Multiphasic(sp?),Personality,Inventory

Oy vey....if I have to go through that in March when I get tested, I am afraid I will become overly restless.....do you answer questions by writing them down, or verbally answer them? 

 Are you having your test?

Did you check out my report on line? Dr Taylor just went into conversation with me, to decide.

By our age, tests don't work to good because we leaned to adapt over the years, its covered up now with coping skills we learned.

I had some written homework tests prior to the consultation, shall I email you the originals? blanks,

The tests me and Chris talk of, are both verbal and written. Plus putting together simple jig saws against the clock, and putting blocks into a pattern.

It depends on who does the tests too

My doctor had 6 sessions with me plus testing one a week for 6 weeks, I also did the wood blocks and jigsaws against the clock.

Oy,  I hope they don't use "small pieces" on the jigsaw puzzles....my eyesight is NOT what it used to be LOL 

 more like kids puzzles, pieces 2'' across.

Goodhart stop worrying, THEY want the test to work, so the pieces will be big enough to see, and big enough to feel, if you were totally blind, which I hope you are not, but if you are, I apologize.

No, I am not blind, but I have NO patience for 2,000 piece puzzles with no border etc.....I normally take weeks to do them.....walking by I see a piece that fits, pick it up, put it in place then walk away again....if it has more than 100 pieces, it will only frustrate me.

 Just 5-6 large pieces, my boy, and put together the form a shape of something.

Stop worrying, they know the insurance will never pay for you to have fun putting toughener a 2000 piece puzzle.

Who knows thought, there might be enough cash left over from the insurance to pay for a coffee for you.

TECHNICALLY, it is not the insurance paying for it.....it is me, directly, just not all at once.  It is a "sort of" insurance savings account, set up to pay co-pays, and the "deductibles" that we have to pay anyways.  So, I start the account, and it gets a year's worth of money loaded into it, and I pay small increments out of my pay check to cover that over the course of a year.  Tis easier on my pocket and wallet this way, but I still end up making the payments. 
I know and have researched the Doc I will be seeing. She is the only one qualified to assess adults in my immediate area....i.e. within about 200 miles of here. Even though they don't accept "insurance"  per se` insurance is paying for it. 

If you would like, you could send the blanks by email, but they are unlikely to look like what I will see....but who knows, eh?  :-) 

 no, it will just give you an idea of the questions because I don't have the cheat sheet with answers and scores.

It will help you to begin thinking about such questions, which is okay as I know you wont try manipulating the resultants, they are 10 minutes away, as soon as finish my pass thru this topic and vanish before you catch up to me here.

Zorro (was he a Aspie?)

MMPI is 567 true, false or cannot say questions. rorshak is hardly ever used anymore and IQ will be a snap if they use the same typeas I took it is just patterns in numbers. But remember I took everything twice plus, spent a fair amount of time on the couch so to speak.

The problem I have with those "which shape is the next one in the sequence" problems is that I can normally come up with at least ONE valid additional answer, other then the one THEY want you to pick.  It's that patter recognition thing I spoke of in another post:  drives me nuts sometimes.....I showed a test admin this once and he agreed that my answer should be as valid as the one on the answer sheet.  *sigh*
still it doesn't make it easy to get "their" answers   *sigh*

they want your answers, there really isn't a wrong answer, that will just help them to know how your wired

Oh, sorry I was referring to the IQ tests...especially the ones requiring me to "find the next one in sequence";  in those, they have a set answer, which is not always the "only" answer, but is the only one they want to see.

Those are numbers if you are good with numbers the pattern will pop right out at you. they give you the first 5 or 6 numbers in a pattern.

Hmm, yes there are two types they give, the one with the numbers and then the one I have the most trouble with, the shape shifter ones :-)

I might have had some trouble with that one. But then I didn't really know what they were testing for.

Those were way different than what I took. The numbers were really fast but the other took me on average about 45 seconds longer.  If you can look at them with your aspie brain it is easier. I think it would be harder for me to do any of them if I were having to function in a retail setting everyday, because I think all the human interaction drains my energy, and addles my brain.LOL
You could get your brain thinking more in these terms with a book called
BrainStrains  240 mindblowing challenges. I remember one of the kids who worked for me gave it to me for christmas about 5 or 6 years ago. It was written by a collaboration of people so I don't remember the authors.

Well, those were some of the questions in the IQ test I took for Mensa back over a decade or two ago....The last link to the ones I have the most trouble with....because, I see more then one path to the solution, and so sometimes more than one valid solution :-)    I will look into the book you mention...

Goodhart, go and find a solution for my 6 aspies to Mars topic please 

re your because, I see more then one path to the solution, and so sometimes more than one valid solution :-) 

Which is why I posted it, I suspect you might have closest answer because you are so much like me, shock horror, there is two of us, this planet is too small for both of us, so you lead the mission to Mars

When moving between topics, I got to the top of the page and click on the second part of Community : For Aspergers Syndrome People then scroll down the the list of topics

Should we be moving some conversation to room two? We have a new member who can't get here.

 MOVE because I am getting crushed to the right side of Instructables. :-)

 they are about the ability to form a picture in your mind, while reasoning out an answer, in effect its like laying a a picture over another.

But Goodhart, those results would be cross checked with another kind of test, because it might have been a hobby of yours such things, so you had plenty of practice

what they are trying to asses is your CPU only, not your life experience. Call it maybe assessing a new born brain for just thinking.

In NZ to get a driver's lisence, part of the test is your knowledge of the road code. 25 multi-choice questions. BUT the tester uses one of 5 possible questionnaires.

These 5 questionnaires are freely available, in fact they give them to you. (1970s)

I only took a quick look, then I studied the Road Code for hours. I got 25/25 and all 5 oral questions correct.

Others studied the 5 questionnaires for hours and got 25/25, and maybe 2 of 5 of the oral questions

The oral questions carried more weight, and you had to reason out the answers from your knowledge to the Road Code, or here is the trick, 5 x 25 = 75 Q&As those 75, if you actually studied each question, was enough to reason out the oral questions.

The losers just learn sequences like Q1 A, Q2 C, Q3 B.

I am not sure I explained that right, maybe somebody clarify what I am saying.

Yap, I do not have a head full of facts, but I have the ability to learn, locate facts, and ability of reasoning to put together facts to find new facts.

Thats IQ

maybe this?
If a person with a low IQ looks at 10 different items, they see 10 unrelated things,
when a person with a high IQ looks at the same 10 items they will see how those 10 items are related to each other and what the purpose of those 10 items are.

Yes, the high IQ can see a pattern, but they first have to reason out what could be a pattern that fits.

And, consider this, a high IQ could spot a pattern that nobody has recognized before, but certainly a low IQ could not reason enough to find any pattern.

Now, what if you get asked to reason out ink blots? What you see, could therefore also be an indicator of IQ (but the tester has to decide your score) as well as things hidden deep in your mind.

I am great at linking little things together, and BTW, thats "perception" on the Rdos picture

 But they knew, if you knew what they were testing for, you might have unintentionally  given answers to confirm their belief when in fact, their belief was wrong.

But you were allowed to ask afterwards, did you? Aspies are famous for questions, even unanswerable questions because the tester thinks different from a Aspie

I asked but but they were very vague about answers, I was diagnosed bi-polar,  adhd, and borderline personality disorder, and worse all at different times.