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My Big Fat DIY Wedding (by scoochmaroo) Answered

It's official - I'm gettin' hitched! 

And in true Instructables' style, I'll be relying on the culmination of all my talents as much as those of my friends to get the job done.  Everything I can do, I will.  I don't know what all this means yet, but I'll definitely be looking to you, community, to help inspire and inform in preparation for the big day!

I plan to barter, beg or borrow every element possible to create my dream wedding.  My goal is that everything be hand crafted by ourselves or someone we know, from the invites, to the outfits, to the flowers and food, cake, music, and everything in between.  (I'll probably leave the rings to the experts.) 

And of course, you'll be seeing the efforts and results right here on Instructables!

So send me your suggestions and any tips, projects or other sites that inspire, and stay tuned for all the details.

First up: a contest to design the best invites??? Wait and see!

<3 <3 <3

- Sarah

that's my ring!!!!


Who's the lucky guy?

..Or gal?

You said "Who's the lucky guy?     ...or gal?"
That seriously is a creepy thing to say.


7 years ago

I'm new to the site and just say this post and though it was an absolutely fantastic idea, as well is a great way to start a marriage.


Oh my goodness, thank you!
We got so many great projects in the DIY Wedding contest that just closed. I'm excited to see how the judging turns out!
And welcome :D

Im getting married in may next year wich is winter in south Africa. but i have some lovely ideas if you are still brainstorming. :) for the table decor skeleton leaves in different colors are stunning. for the centre piece make a paper lanterns with multi colored led lights. for wedding favours make choclate thank you cards. there are so many wonderful choclate moulds avaliable and the best part is with white chocolate you can make it any colour to match your theme. ere are some hints i read up on :) have a second bouquet so when you throw it you can still keep the original one for your scrap book. vases with food colouring water is anothe nice centre piece or if you buy the gel balls and put them in vases. :) My attitude i know probely isnt the best but i believe that you are paying for guest to attend your wedding so although you want to have a fantastic day dont break your bank balance and dont give youreslf to much additional stress :p good luck!!!


8 years ago

Hooray, congratulations!
*throws confetti*

We're totally up for helping out.  Can Robot be the ringbearer?

that would be awesome.  and my cat will be flowergirl!

Yes! Need a webcast for all of us here. By the way, have a happy wedding scoochmaroo!

There will not be a live webcast, and the president is enforcing a no-fly zone over the greater Flint area. :D

My apologies for my post (which I have removed), it was highly inappropriate and out of character for me.  :-(

7 years ago

Did you opt for the Duct Tape Wedding Dress style?

I'm going for a paper-cut inspired type dress. I bought a bunch of fiber etch and dyes to play with!


8 years ago

Congratulations!  May the both of you be happy together forever!

Check this site out: http://www.wedding-tips.co.za/
Maybe it has something useful for you.

Congratulations to you both! We're hitting our 22nd Anniv. in April, and the best advice I can give, comes in 3 steps.

1) Be respectful
2) Communicate
3) Be respectful some more

I wish you both many happy, exciting  and love filled years!!


How many guests are you planning on inviting? I went to a wedding where the bride's sister had made (and decorated) cupcakes for everyone (~250, if I recall correctly). That seemed like a delightful alternative to having one big fancy cake.

A nice donation of liquor-filled chocolates would also make an impressive alternative! ;)

And you can even arrange the cupcakes in tiers with a little woodwork support, and ice the top in something nice.  It might not even look like cupcakes until you pull it all apart!

Congrats Scooch and the lucky guy that asked!  Can't wait to see the resulting Guide you put together.  Because I know I will be interested for when my second and third daughter get hitched it will become a money and sanity saver!  Might make a interesting contest too (just a thought). 

wow! even a DIY wedding dress! that would be awesome! you (please!) better post that!

so manyexclamation points! 



My fiancee and I are trying to figure out how to put a wedding together on a shoestring, and will definitely be taking notes!

Some of the sites she's gotten me to read:


Who'd the lucky guy/girl?

Best of luck to you Scoochmaroo! :)  Can't wait to see how this instructable progresses!


Remember, a frugal wedding is not a cheapskate wedding. It means you have common sense and there is nothing wrong with that,  I know of too many people that have gotten off to the wrong start by getting into debt just to have the wedding.  One girl made his fiancee max out his credit cards just so she could get an expensive ring to show off. She had to get a costume jewelry ring to match and wear everyday so she wouldn't get mugged.

Anyway, one friend had made my wife's bouquet and veil.  She found her wedding dress at a sample sale where brides-to-be trample over each other just to grab a dress to try on.  We made banquet table favors with small jars filled with chocolate kisses and personalized labels.  Some relatives did the photography and video(yeah, its an Asian stereotype, but there is always someone that is a semi-pro photobug, or at least has the studio and camera equipment).  We also had enough family to act as chauffeurs with their big cars that limos were not necessary.  In congested NYC, it really doesn't matter how you get there because no one is going to see,  With the money we were saving, we put that toward our honeymoon trip to Nova Scotia(we're not beach people - and everyone goes to the islands, but we're different and had a great time) . We scheduled to leave a couple of days afterwards to reduce the stress and have couple of days to get settled.   On the trip we didn't have to worry about massive bills when we got back. 

Good luck!

Never mind limos, I have a Mini they can borrow.

If they can get it shipped across the Atlantic...

I'll ship it. As long as I can drive it around until you ship it back.

He might agree as long is you don't ship it back in a plastic baggie   LOL 

Heh. I won't.

I'll use a Tupperware container. ;-)

I'm sure if you ask topgear nicely they'll stretch it for you.

Clarkson would not be welcome within a mile of Womble if he had an angle-grinder in his hand!

What about May? He's a nicer guy that Clarkson.

Oh, there's a thought - he'd bring it back in concourse-ready condition!


8 years ago

Most excellent!

Nice one Scooch! I'm so happy for you!

I've got so many ideas for you but if I started then I'd never stop so I'll leave it till a bit later when I've calmed down.

That's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen, again, congratulations!


8 years ago

Yippee! The most fun I ever had was being engaged... We've been married for 2 years, and I still miss being engaged.  :)

For favors we bought some personalized M&Ms (though you could make cough drops? tasty!) and filled plastic film canisters (I taught photo). Tied them up with some cute ribbon, put a cute circle label on the bottom with our initials and the date, and done.
We had other ones with meadow flower seeds in them. They were differently colored to be sure.

Film canisters can be found on the cheap by visiting your local one hour photo place and asking nicely, or on eBay. Or post on Craig's list or FreeCycle.
We boiled ours for 3 minutes to 'sterilize' them. We also ran them in the dishwasher with no soap because my love is paranoid.

Where are you in the world? If you decide on one of these ideas, I might just be willing to help out :) I've got the muscle memory now.

so happy for you and your bloke-

Congratulations!  I noticed that you asked for wedding invitation ideas and so far no one has answered your request. 

First off put your computers and printers to work for you.  If you have some kind of word processing program or a card making program like Print Shop you can use them to make your invitations.  Wilton has a wide range of wedding invitations for the do it your self wedding.  Check out http://www.wilton.com/printyourown/ for idea.  Also Avery makes a lot of card stocks so look for what they have to offer in your local Staples, Office Depot or what ever you have for office supply stores out in San Francisco.  Look into party shops as well for printable wedding invitations.  Craft stores are another source for printable papers. 

You can also go the make your own from scratch with scrapbooking papers, punches and rubberstamps and embossing inks and powders.  This is a lot more work plus more expensive and you end up with a lot of stuff left over that you'll never use again.  To me the best option is to go with the computers and printable invitations from what ever source you find.

I hope my ideas help you get started.  Best of luck.

If you have nice handwriting you can also, get a wide tip calligraphy pen, and parchment comes in alot of colors and always easy to find envelopes for. You can print them, personally letter them, or a combination.


I didn't have time to read all the comments or search for this, but if you plan on wearing a veil, I have a great instructable in my head.  I made my veil and it was beautiful.  And so much better (quality, design, etc.) than anything I've seen.  If you need it, let me know.  I think one of my friends is going to make hers soon, so I can help her make it and do an 'ible at the same time.  =)

Congratulations, again!  I'm so excited for you - being engaged is so fun!

I'm on it!  I'm seeing the bride-to-be for dinner tonight so I'll light a fire under her to get us going.  I'll try to get it done as soon as I can.  =)

How long have you/we got?


We've got as long as it takes (but I'm pushing for October) ;)

And we've got a family of Yanks and a family of Brits to entertain, so I need to know about all sorts of customs!