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My Biggest... and Only fear. Keeping me safe? or Holding me back? Answered

I want desperately to be able to sing well in front of people, but I just can't. right now I think I am .... well..... almost OK at singing. I think I have some potential but I'm terrified to sing in front of people. I have played Bass guitar and lead guitar in front of 10 + thousand people on a couple of occasions and it was the biggest thrill of my life. I think the difference comes in because.... I know I am a great Bass player...... and a pretty awesome guitar player (not trying to brag, just kinda makes my point) but I have no idea if I'm even close to listenable (is that a word?) when I sing..... mostly because other then fall down drunk, I've never sung in front of people (The crowd was also fall down drunk, so no help there) I practice daily but only when there isn't a person for miles that could possibly hear me. I recored myself often and listen to it..... I can defiantly hear much improvement since I first started really trying to sing..... but I couldn't tell you if I went from god awful to please stop singing or if its decent to not bad. I've considered recording a song and posting to youtube..... figuring that maybe I could get some feed back without embarrassment...... but even that terrifies me. How can I get over this?..... even if just to find out if I suck or not?


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i didn't give him advice. i totally agree with you, he needs a wake up call. but that's not reason to be a d!ck to him.

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post a video on youtube and send us a link. chances are people here will not laugh and make fun of you.

post a youtube vid, and then post it up on here for us to give you feedback :]

Record a video of you singing and put it on youtube. If you become an instant star, you'll know you're really bad. Otherwise, you'll know you're halfway decent!

You also might consider singing as you play guitar. So if you really are a bad singer, you will still be applauded for your guitar playing.

lol....... most definatly..... I could never sing without my guitar......would never know what to do with my hands

. I don't know what to do about your stage fright, but if you want to find out if you're any good or not, just invite some _honest_ friends over and see what they think of your pipes. Keep in mind that, without any experience or training, getting a "not too bad" is actually pretty good. :) . Don't be afraid to fail at any one thing - you can't be good at everything. If you suck at singing, that will give you more time to perfect your playing. I'd be pretty happy if I could play the bass and guitar well.


10 years ago

If you're a bass player, I assume you know and/or play with some other fellow musicians? If there's anyone you trust not to mock you too badly, ask them to listen to some of your recordings, and give you constructive feedback.


10 years ago

One word - Karaoke! :-)

gotta have a guitar .... could never karaoke unless I was shmammered .... like completly plowed.....

To overcome your fears, you must face them. Easier said than done, I understand. Did your last YouTube video have you singing? I was using a computer with no sound. If it didn't, then post a video up of you singing, and we can give you some feedback. Have close friends/family listen to you, and tell them to be honest. Because naturally they will be polite, even if it is not the best. So see what they think.

no that video didn't have any singing... just guitar. I guess I could post it up on a forum here....... then maybe after a couple responses delete it ...... more so if its really bad........ I know you guys will be honest.........maybe?......if i can get past uploading without bailing...... any other ideas?

One or two friends at first, then ease into many friends at once. Then, as someone posted Karaoke, then who knows :-) Although one must face fears head on, it is always best to ease into it one step at a time: never "fill the bath tub with water, pull the plug, fight the current". That is almost never successful.