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My Blender physics simulations! Answered

Just for fun, I created a few physics simulations in blender, All of them of a building getting knocked down with various objects(meteor, plane, car, spheres).
Here it is

Here is my first one, It is older

And included is a screenshot of the second simulation! :D
Tell me what you think :)


There's something about slow motion destruction that's just.... elegant.

Bump... Anyone :(

 no not really,
these are very simple simulations

If you'd want a response, try to atleast spice up your materials and backgrounds
or maybe even do some real life physics simulations with things such as voodoo and real life objects such as cars

You do not seem to know how hard it is to *make* these simulations... *sigh*

 they're very simple to make
The only thing that could be remotely close to what your talking about is the time it takes to render it
These simulations are just setting up simple meshes and then turning on the physics engine

Not just turning on the physics engine, Actually it is always on ;).
It is setting up things here and there, Setting up the collision boxes, The specific things like mass, stacking up objects(very hard to do right), Aligning the boxes, Setting up ramps, Setting up (initial)moving objects(aka the things that knock down the building), Baking, And the Time it takes to do it all, And for me, It looks pretty awesome, I think it's worth it.

 Without the rendering time, that literally takes  2 minutes...

I've been trying find a great voodoo video with blender physics but i cant find it :/
but it kinda helps illustrate my point

I wish it was 2 minutes... The hardest part is setting up all the blocks to form a building.

no its not
especially with the duplicate function

If it is so "easy" then why don't you just do it?
It is very hard to do that, Shesh.

Im not going to, not on account of it being "hard", but do to the lack of motivation and time

Riiiiight, Someone fails at trying to sound smart.

 no seriously, im pretty overburdened with AP homework, im actually a few days behind in reading and then I have report due soon about the history of the Peloponnesian War.

But Blender is one of my favorite programs, take some time to explore it, go through some more of its physics such as cloth, water, and particles.  Fun stuff

Actually, that is what i am planning to do, I just need to upgrade my ram, Only got a Gig,  can't do much...

Time is not a problem for me, It is the memory it uses, Uses the whole GB i have of ram and then the 2 pagefiles i have set up.
And since it uses so much, it freezes and crashes...

* you're more likely to get an answer if you use correct grammar

i was going to type two things but I changed my mine and forgot to erase it