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My Bolt-Action Mech Answered

Pretty much all of this morning for me was spent designing a real, true, bolt-action mechanism. I had my dad help me by telling me how bolt-action guns work. I doubt I'll add a magazine to this for shells, but if I can, I will. Anyways, here's some pictures. Video explaining concept and everything coming around 6 PM tonight CDT (GMT -6) So in about 6 hours.


this mech doesn't make sense


8 years ago

Is this meant to be mag or hopper fed?

Single-shot, shell-load.

This isn't what I'd call functional, though.

I took the thing apart after realizing what a real bolt-action mech looks like. >x< I might recreate it later on, and make it better.

Well, it would've slid on a rail-type thing to be able to be pulled out of the gun, to load a shell (and to pull back the firing pin). And it had the top and bottom trays to put the shell in (only top tray would stick out of the gun with the mech is pulled back), then, when the mech is closed, inertia would drive the shell forward into the bottom tray, which is aligned somewhat with the firing pin. Make sense? Well, that's how this mech would work.

i little i had one it had no mag you had to pull the bolt back and twist ti to the side to lock it and then load it and the push the bolt forward and then push the trigger(the prototype mech had a block)

Well, I've got a new loading idea via Oblivitus' chamber slide idea he implemented on the Z35. :D

You might want to look at the bolt action solekiller has on youtube for reference (his first one), yours has a lot of gaps and reliability issues.

It probably does considering I made it in a few hours. I'll look it up later tonight. Thanks.