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My Brute Answered

I found a fun internet game through another forum, and I thought I'd share for internet reputations!

It's called My Brute, where you make a character out of randomly selected body parts and accessories, and then battle. It's not a hard game, just something to do in your spare time when you've got nothing better to do. IF you win a battle, you level up. If you lose, you lose, then try again. There are a few other factors and variables, but you'll find out.

My Brute:
Mepain's Brute



i ... won

i lost to the almighty mepain but i nearly won :(


9 years ago

no... no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! this stuff has been spamed on every chan from 4 to 24 all the way to 7/11!

damnit now i cant go to filefront cuz whenever i go to filefront it goes to mybrute DAMN!

how do you control the guy?