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My CQB TR-18. Answered

Hello knexers! I am presenting my first ever TR-18 for you guys.


actually, it's pretty nice!

LOL. This is one weapon that you dont get tired of quickly. And I also got this one idea on KI to make a double shot BCS.

Yes I know, I already build and modded it for over 5 times haha.


Here is the double shot one I have on KI. The singe shot one is right below it.


You know, you could just drop down the back a bit and you'd have a stock, the lenght would be the same. I hate stockless knex guns because it makes the pin so much harder to pull back, and sometimes the gun bends or breaks.

I will see what I can do mate. And yea about stockless guns; it just depends on what the gun is for lol.


6 years ago

Wtf is going on here?

LOL no pics; not my fault. Its the site code gone mad.

You like it don't you? posting it everywhere lol.

That's hot.