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My CTX PR960F CRT monitor is too bright and colors are washed out. How can I repair it? Answered

Its a CTX PR960F 19 FD Trinitron (0.24 mm).

I know its old, but its a very nice monitor and still in daily use. Someone told me once on a forum that "... a bright and washed out display as you describe it means resistor "so and so" has a very high value...." and then he dissapeared without explaining where it is or how to replace it. This was like.. 3 years ago.

Any help, greatly appreciated!


Beyond the controls on the front of the monitor, there are often controls inside the monitor for brightness, focus, etc. These will be potentiometers in plain view. Be aware that there is high voltage in there, and you kind of need to tweak these while it's running and you can see what you're doing. Since they're at the back of the monitor, get a second person or a mirror. And go easy on them, quarter turns at the most.

Thanks for the suggestion, although I'm pretty sure I have had a look inside and there are no manual controls. I'm looking more for a kind of telltale electronic defect for this kind of malfunction, if anyone knows. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You're my only hope!

It's an old monitor, it's just wearing out. Repairing these is a dead art. I don't think there will be something specific anyone can tell you without taking a look at it.