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My Coffee Bag Wallets being sold out Answered

I keep selling these wallets and can't find enough used coffee bags to keep up. I might post a sign a the local grocer asking for used bags. Dunkin Donuts is the most popular.


I know that you're spreading the word here in Gainesville, but have you tried posting on the local Freecycle page? The folks there are passionate about finding good homes for old items that might otherwise be thrown away. You might find support there.

And your wallets rock!

Instead of a coffee bag, would using a stronger plastic bag work as well?

I just made my first wallet today and am already on the road to franchising your design here in Indy. If you are open to Starbucks bags, they currently have a coupon on their bags that are sold in retail stores that gets you a free cup of coffee if you take them your empty bag. There is a coupon they cut off and the rest they throw away. I believe the coupon is outside of the 9" mark requisite for the current design. My neighbor is already on the mission of saving all that they receive at her store for me and we'll branch out from there.

Thank you so much for posting this Instructable. It is fantastic! If I happen to be able to make and sell these with any success, I may just have to send you a little thank you gift! I promise I won't make it myself... or if I do, it'll be a coffee bag gift card holder. :)

Incidentally, this was my first project from the site. I'm stoked!

you're so open

.  I'd try contacting someone in the Dunkin Donuts hierarchy directly. Might want to start with a local franchisee and work your way up to corporate headquarters. Tell them what you are doing and ask them to donate some bags. With Maxwell House, et al, I guess you have to go straight to corporate.