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My Compaq proliant server will not shut down Answered

Well My Server wont shut down for some reason. when you plug it in it automatically starts. and when you hold down the power button for 8 seconds it shuts off and starts up in a second..... whats going on ??


Check your Bios settings alot of servers can be set so you can't just turn them off with the push of a button, you have to do it with the software, or tell the Kick off to kill it ..

Hi, what model is it? It sounds like the same problem I had with my proliant. Big square xeon processors(the slot type)? Take them out then press them in to the sockets REALLY hard. I heard somewhere that the compaq site even said to sit on them.... although I wouldnt reccomend that! Parts can be had really cheap from ebay. Also, if it is the same model as mine you cant go into the bios without a "smartstart cd" You can download it from the hp website, but its kinda hard to find. Let me know how it goes, and feel free to ask anything else, I dont claim to be an expert, but these machines have odd quirks that most people wouldnt know about.

If your able to solder I also know a way to trick the computer into letting you reduce the horrific fan noise.

THIS IS A BIT OF AN UPDATE: SOMEHOW I GOT IT TURN ON but it wont boot..... nothing shows up on the screen... I have checked the ram, processor, I removed the CMOS battery.... I unplugged hdd and cdrom drive..... I don't think its the scuzzy board ( scsi)........ So I think its the mobo and thats not a good thing.....

It might be your motherboard is going bad. And in a server box, probably big bucks to replace or just get it diagnosed. Can you get to the bios and just reset everything to default to see if you get back normal power up? Try to swap out that coin-cell battery on the motherboard or pull it out for a minute and put it back in to see if it has some bad configuration settings. Next step is to start unplugging your devices(hard drive. cd-rom, dealing with any SCSCI devices?) to see when the machine goes nuts when you try to power up. Good luck.

Scuzzy control board may be bad. You probably don't have a spare on hand. If not just try disabling devices on the chain one by one and make sure it is terminated.

Yeah I have unplunged and plugged everything in...... IT HAS to be the mobo.... The CMOS battery has been out for 3 hours... and I got NO idea witch switch is witch.... theres twenty I got no manual and theres no place on the mobo that says what dose what......

uhhh no.... I wasnt running anything off of it but i got it from a freind and was hoping to get it working.... COMPAQ CRAP.....hp went and bought them out anyways.....although there not much better....

ya think ?? because everythig is getting power. It dosent boot though,.... is it something fixable because I wouldnt have any idea where to get a psu like that...

my old server did that, then it wouldnt turn on at all! so it sits there, doing nothing, then i found out that the motherboard was fried.then i put the hard drive in my computer and it burned out a while later.