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My Computer is Possessed. (Please help) Answered

Today, upon waking up, I started my computer as usual. Unfortunately, it had a black screen with white letters, blah blah blah, a problem occurred and your computer shut down to save files. It gave me a few options like if the power went out, etc. click proceed as usual, or something like that.

Anyway, once I got to my desktop, I hear this "BEEP" maybe more of a click. Anyway I figured that I was holding down to many keys at once, because that makes a specific sound. Nope.

So I continue doing my routine, login to AIM, start Firefox, load iTunes. Then I hear it again. I don't notice it much until it happens the third time. Thats when I decide to count intervals between beeps. Roughly 35-36 seconds between beeps. Every. Time. O_o

I figure, since my speakers are on, I'll turn them off. Nope. Nothing. Still the dreaded beep. I've found that its coming from my computer tower..

Sooooo, I'm asking the community for some help, anything I can do to stop this beep? Its a really aggressive sounding thing. Almost angry..




8 years ago

Turns out the fire alarm's battery was going dead.
Not computer related at all!

"Quick, how many fingers do I have up....wait, this is about your hearing..."

Oh man XD That made me laugh so much. 

I've found that its coming from my computer tower..
OK thanks for letting us know.


You Sir, are the boy who cried "beep".

Yes, I'll need some batteries for that.

There's a motherbard speaker - what's wrong's another question all together...

If it's a system-beep coming from the mainboard, your board (i.e. BIOS) may be trying to tell you something. Do you have a manual for the board, or can you find one?



8 years ago

check what i said on your question

Best thing if you hear a intermittent beep, like a smoke alarm, is to ignore it.

Could be a bunch of things but it may be that your computer is signalling something is about to fail.  Maybe your hard drive is reporting errors that it may crash soon.  Maybe there is so much dust in the PC that the RAM is getting flakey or the CPU or power supply is running hot.  Maybe your Radio Shack coin-cell CMOS battery is about to go which will lose your power-up settings which in turn forces you to re-recognize all of your internal devices and reset the date everytime you power back up.  Or it could be time to walk the dog.  He told me so.