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My Cuisinart bread machine is wearing out. What is the toughest bread maker available? Answered

I like the bread machine because it makes small, one pound loaves. I never use the 1.5 or 2 pound loaf options because the machine's pan will not stay in place during kneaing stages with the larger loaves. I only use it to make one loaf of Italian or honey wheat per week. Now, however, the pan will no longer stay in place when making the small loaves. Is a tough, durable machine available that will hold up? The machine is only a year or two old.




9 years ago

I had good luck with a Zojirushi bread machine, and used ours reasonably heavily for several years. (It still works, we just don't eat much bread.) The horizontal loaf makes for more of the tasty part of bread - the top.

I had a black and decker machine - we used it daily for a couple years...a decade ago. It was a vertical axis kneading machine - and positively interfaced with the base so the kneading tightened the 'clockwise lock' mechanism. I would imagine a kitchen-aid would last forever.