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My Custom Converse Shoes Answered

My purple and black with white contrast-stitching custom Converse shoes showed up yesterday. Check them out as I try out my new treadmill desk (Instructable forthcoming...). Converse is an advertiser on Instructables, but I thought the custom shoes were cool enough (and actually the creative on their ads, too) that I bought a pair irrespective of any business relationship.


Oh Eric. Be sure to personally notify me when your treadmill desk Instructable is up. I need it.

You could just subscribe to him....

But that's too obvious!
Doesn't it sound cooler to try to get Eric to take a chunk out of his busy schedule to type up an e-mail to me?!
hitting "subscribe"...

I think I could use a stationary bicycle desk more (minus the flailing arm mechanism) at a desk. With a generator to power say, the monitor (I wouldn't want the computer to just die on my if I had to quickly stop peddling ;-) as turning off the monitor wouldn't hurt anything.

Can you imagine trying to type while your knees are bumping your elbows like that?? It's why I don't bike and type at the same time (not the same as people who can't walk and chew gum simultaneously).

They shouldn't bump your elbows anymore then during normal use without a desk, unless you designed it to do that ;-)

I am more of a Nike or Etnies person; etnies are redicluously comfortable, and Nikes last for a long time. The first Nikes I purchased lasted 2 years, and they are in excellent condition, just minor and barely noticable wear on the tread.

My converse lasted 4 years of daily abuse. And I mean it when I use the words "daily" and "abuse".

How did it look 2 years since you first bought it?

Heh, I see other people around here wear converse for about 7 months, after the seventh month, they replace the shoes because they wore out.

Hahaha, you and your purple shoes! These are quite nice, though, I have to admit. I need some new Chucks, so maybe I should also go with an unconventional color. :) (Also excited to see the treadmill desk!)

You should get darker shoes if you are worried about getting dirty.

Nice shoes! By the way, I'm looking forward to that treadmill desk. It's a nice way for "couch potatoes" to stay active, and surf the web at the same time.


8 years ago

Didn't you have purple etnies back in 94? I now needto find photographic proof... -Joe

Were they comfy enough for you, or was that before they made STI foam?

Although I personally prefer All Stars, those are pretty cool.

Im more of a Vans man myself. Unfortunatly I always have to order mine for a ridiculous amount of money, as the shops do not sell them big enough for me :(

I ordered two pairs, my son's are great and he loves them. Mine looked great but only the left one was the right size. I sent them back asking for the right one to be like the left one. I told them how great the left one felt and how much I liked how they looked. Instead they proved to me that they are just another big conglomerate company that doesn't care; they gave me a refund. I protested the refund and was told to re-order. They didn't address the two different sizes and I sure don't want to go through all that again to be sent two different sizes. I am glad my son likes his, I am going to do with out.

At least you got a refund. Were the shoes totally different sizes? Are your feet exactly the same size?

I am a perfect size 39, have been all my adult life, I have never had a problem with shoes fitting me. The right was more than small, it was so narrow around the base of my toes that even standing hurt, I couldn't walk at all. I explained all this to the company, that something was wrong with the right shoe, which wasn't right at all, that it was the same in length, and from outside appearances it looked the same, but once inside it was really wrong. This should be a nothing story and that is kind of my point, I wrote a fun, friendly letter, I got a computer response, I wrote again and then called, it didn't matter, the computer generated response told me again to re-order. No thanks, if they can't address what happened I don't want to take another chance - going to the post office to stand in line for 20 minutes, after I have found a place to park and fed the meter, well, there are lots of shoes out there - not as cool as the converse ones I almost had; my loss.