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My Dilemma Answered

I've been meaning to tell the community this for a while, but I might as well do it now...

I have ADHD and Bi-Polar Disorder. My mom and I decided that I should try and get off one of the pills I have been taking for years: the one to combat Bi-Polar Disorder. We realized today that it is better for me to get back on them; I haven't been taking it for two days. I'm not trying to start a sob story, but I'm just saying this to explain my weird behavior. I'm sorry if I've weirded you guys out, but I haven't been thinking straight and I'm kind of going through mood swings. Don't be alarmed, it's nothing too serious, but it is definitely enough to make me seem irritable and strange.

I still do stand by the things I said in the 'war' that seems to be going on at Red's instructable about the classic guns; or at least most of them; I may have to go back and make sure I know what I said.  I've probably said some things I may regret, and I'm very sorry.

Sorry for all that. :I



i know how you feel bro,
hope it will get alright soon

Don't worry i understand! :) ;)

Thanks! :D I know I've asked once already, but you said something about your ibles getting 'stuck in the filters.' I think that that's happening with one of mine, and I'm kind of curious as of how to fix it. :L Thanks for all that you do! :D

Well there's really no way to fix it... You just have to wait until it is correctly published... Thats what makes it so frustrating... >:(

Unfortunately, as long as you keep posting weapon-themed projects, they will keep getting tied up in the filters.

Your only options are to be patient, or publish projects that are not weapon-themed.

Is there an article or something on ibles that shows how the filters work? I'm curious. :3

No, and I doubt there ever will be.

If the workings of the filters were widely known, spammers would be able to work around them, and this site would be swamped.


4 years ago

Lol it's not (as I see) a war. You and others just had a misunderstanding. Don't worry about it I don't thing you hurt anyone's feelings i find people are are very nice here.

Yeah, I just lovingly term it 'The War," but it really isn't. :3 I hope you're right about that second sentence!

I have some experience of your situation, both professionally and through friends with the conditions.

I applaud your desire to regain control of your situation, but I hope you are taking these steps following professional medical advice?

To be blunt, you were prescribed your medication for a reason, and to withdraw treatment without consulting your doctor is, at best, unwise. Your conditions are not cured by medication, they are just controlled by them. If you withdraw one form of control, it must be replaced by another. Whether that control is another form of medication, or some sort of therapy, it *must* be undertaken under proper mefical supervision.

I am not saying "stay on the medication", I am saying "take action in a way that is medically supervised".

Thanks, Kiteman! It was actually kind of stupid on our part (my mom and I) to not consult our doctor. I am fully aware that my disorders can't be 'cured' per say. We have decided to try to find a way to get off the medicine after consulting my doctor (My Doctor also recommended trying to get off of said drug). You've pretty much voiced what I was thinking. Everything's working out okay. :D