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My Dryer won't stay on, Help? Answered

There was a squeaking noise from my dryer, I cleaned the rear bearing. To give you real time, this was about 2 hours ago. I assembled everything back to the way it was. I plug it in and to test it out I turn the knob to the start position and the motor works, the drum rotates smoothly. When I release the knob it does not stay on. (It would in normal operation, it's kind of like turning a key for a car. After it starts you release it) I am pretty sure that a part doesn't need replacement, It happened immediately after I took it apart and put it back together. I didn't touch the wiring at all. The heat works fine, just the motor won't stay on. If someone could just give me a small amount of advice that would be great.

Thanks in advance.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Is it right side up? There is a relay (usually) that engages when you push the button. Once the relay is on it will stay on until the current breaks. So it could be that the relay is not staying "stuck" in the on position. If it is gravity operated then having it in the wrong orientation would cause it to let go after the button is released. SO that is one possibility. Another is that you have a switch somewhere (like on the door) that is in the off position so it breaks the circuit as soon as the button is released. Most will not even turn on if a switch like that is open. I have seen some motors that have centrifugal switches on them. The switch stays engaged only when the motor is on. This prevents the heat from being on if the motor is not turning. This could actually be the problem with yours, so you need to check if there are wires switched in the motor assembly. If that switch doesn't stay connected then everything turns off. So that gives you a few things to start with.

Something didn't get put back together right. Sounds to me like a safety interlock is not getting turned on. That's a switch the checks to make sure the door is closed before locking in the the run position. There should be one that checks to see that the exhaust vent is working. If that one is stuck it will shut down the dryer so it doesn't overheat. There may be one to check that the back is not off, so that it will not run with the back off. You'll probably have to take it apart again and look for any switches. You may only see a rod or lever that gets pushed in or moved by something.