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My FAQ is done! Answered

My FAQ is done. Please take a quick look and tell me if its good, if its bad, what is correct, what should be changed...etc... If anyone has a question that should be added, please tell me!

If its good enough, would anyone mind adding it to their greetings? (Hello and welcome to ibles, I realized you didn't receive....blahblah....) You would just have to add: also, check out Keith-Kid's FAQ to answer any other questions you might have.....

I'm hoping that if its good enough, it can be made in to a sticky in the FAQ section.

I'd like to thank Nachomahma, Kiteman, and Brenn10 for helping me get answers



10 years ago

very professional! how long did this take you

Um...About a month, a bit more I think...

which is how much time I should spend making 'ibles! how can i do that when i feel timed?

Nice job! Can anyone show me how to build a backpack water gun like the one on www.myaircannons.com ? A much needed instructable.

I had forgotten to say, great job, I ran through the majority of it and thought it was great, is there a bit about using the comment and comment reply functions? It's just I've been telling people about the reply button at least four times a day lately, usually new people...

I'm working on something else that will cover all that. It's a secret. Hush-hush business.....

Kk, KK I've never remembered to do that when you say brb so... It's just one of those things...



Very well done! Superb!

I posted in the forum topic, I had one addition. Overall it is an outstanding FAQ. Nice work.