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My First Instructible, please critique it Answered

Hi, I just published my first Instructable.  I should be very pleased if anyone would like to take a look and critique it as an Instructable.  I don't mean what do you think of the idea itself, I mean what do you think of the layout, have I explained the steps carefully enough etc. etc.  Have I done anything well?  What aspects could I improve on?

It's here: https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Waterproof-Fairy-for-an-Outdoor-Christmas-Tree/



I think it is great-the only things are that on the materials used part, I'd put them in bullet points so they are easier to read. Maybe try to break down the lengthier paragraphs into smaller, easy to read paragraphs and points. Other than that, it was nice!

Just a suggestion. Break up the paragraphs into indents and points to make it more readable and easy to follow. Other than that,

I like it - I think you explained things very well, had good pictures detailing each step, and had a good sense of humor that made it fun to read.

It seems you followed Kiteman's advice about the finished fairy in the introduction - but it would still be a good idea to break up the large blocks of text into smaller paragraphs. - especially "step 2."

Very nice first instructable!

That is really good, and I think I can only come up with two suggestions for improvement.

The most important; use an image of the finished fairy as your introduction image.

Minor fix; break up some of the larger blocks of text into paragraphs with empty lines between them, to make it easier on the eye.

Apart from that, that's a cracking first project. Well done.