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My First Semester Drawings Answered

           Every school semester there is some downtime when I just draw cars. I don't have my normal critics this year because I am at college now so I figured I would see what the instructable community thinks of my cars. If you like aerodynamics and fast looking cars you should like my style. Also as you can tell I made up a car company to put all my cars under called Veloci. If I do have that car company in the future that's what it would be called.
Anyway more to the point let me know what you like or don't like about any of these and I will try making a better batch this semester!


[Please note not all of these cars are finished drawings! Some I just ran out of the inspirational drive to finish them.]



5 years ago

I really like the first one

Thanks! I used styling I liked from the movie Tron to make it look more futuristic.

damn, that looks very cool

Thanks! Check out my second semester drawings too if you haven't already.

Wow nice! You have a talent!

Just so you know the next batch of cars will be coming toward the start of May. More and better cars, featuring my exterior body design of Dboye82's H-pulse and the wonderful combination of a pick-up truck and the Bugatti Veyron put together in one truck.

I just want a car that has solar conductive paint and a back hydrogen engine..That would be awesome!!!! I'd call it the H- pulse could also symbolized as the human pulse restoring the life to our planet which we have consumed.

Sounds pretty deep, but I'll see what I can come up with. Beleive it or not, I like to base my ideas off electric cars and not gas powered cars. I think that is the wave of the future.

My dream is to see a car that is electric and the rotation of the tires actualy recharges capacitors. Capacitors can take a higher input at high speed which to me is esential because batteries of any kind are way to slow.So capacitors could act more like a fuel tank housing electrical charge which is then released by decreasing the amount of resistance to acelerate and increase resistance to slow down and stop. plus regenerative breaking because you want the vehicle to basicly use everybit of mechanicle energy to recharge it's self this would in theory creat a vehicle that would have an unlimited range. Also once they perfect photovoltaic paint for vehicles that could be another plus for charging. This could be a whole new species of vehicle called U.R.V unlimited range vehicles. I offer this idea to anyone whith the heart to make it a reality. It's not hard to imagine how to build such a vehicle the key is to make the drive shafts rotate a generator at the front and back of the vehicle to take advantage of the mechanical energy created by the drive shafts them selves. why just have tires that spin when they could be generating electricity the same way we power lights on bycles but obviously in a more efficient manner.

I will be working on drawings as well for this concept.

Dang! No Joke! I was thinking of an idea like that too! I really do think that is possible but I'm horrible with electronics.... I always wanted to rig one of my RC cars to test the theory. I would be more than happy to help with this general car idea in anyway I can. One article I remember reading in popular science has a similar idea to this; Porche built an electric race car which had the drive wheels spin a flywheel which was attached to a generator, but the flywheel was as big as the passenger side of the car! I think it ranged 80 or so miles at racing speeds, so close yet so far....

Just to throw this out there, ive been working on an air powered car design. Im only 13 so my ideas arent all that elaborate. but let me know if what you think of the idea.

Air power is cool to. I have an air-hog plane that runs on an pressurized air engine. I don't know if it has enough torque to be applied to cars, other than a tv documentory about some european professor who made a an air powered car.

I may have seen that. I am not into air powered cars for the enviornment as much as I am for the cost. the only thing cheaper than dirt is air.

The proportions are amazing. And the depth perception is good. I usually have trouble with that sort of stuff.

Yeah I've been working at drawing depth in the third dimension for five years now. About a hundred or so cars later improvements deffinitly show. Just keep practicing or I can make an ible' if you want to see how I draw cars.


5 years ago


Well, you're better than me. Although, there was this time I drew a pretty round circle.

Well I didn't draw this way overnight. This eight years of drawing cars behind me.