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My Garden is full of roots from a tree next door. Is there any way to get worms back into the garden? Answered

 My garden is full of roots from a tree.
What ways can i get the dirt back?


You can dig up and expose those larger roots and nail copper spikes into them, you will kill the trees. although it will take a couple of years. discreetness is the name of the game. Meanwhile, Yes raised beds are good. ;p'

I have to agree with paganwonder...you might end up killing the tree and you don't want to do that (for a variety of reasons, some green, some not!) I would go for the raised beds. You can do walkways and make a very attractive area if done creatively. OR...You can sometimes find pockets of soil between roots. We have 2 very large weeping willows in our yard that cause the same problems. Once we get about a foot down the roots are pretty tough. but that is enough to get most plants going. Their roots will usually seek out the free spots and make do with what is there.

What kind of tree is it?  It's very important to know what kind it is because nasty stuff can start popping up if you start adding more soil or cutting them in any sort of way.  You could wind up with a bunch of suckers/trees in your yard if it's an oak or a hackberry for example.

You could build an elevated garden bed over existing tree roots.

Digging up and cutting back tree roots could kill the tree or cause it to topple over on your garden or worse!