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Giftie Bits Questionnaire Answered

My skills include:
* Sewing; including embroidery, quilting, & a bit of fabric painting;
* Cooking, baking, & some canning;
* Gardening, especially container gardening;
* Composting in worm bins (including making the bins);
* Most kinds of science-ey stuff (except for electronics);
* Some technical drawing skills, both CAD and pencil-&-paper;
* Some wood-, plastic- or metalworking, using mostly just simple hand tools;
* Lots of artsy-craftsy type stuff.

What I'd like to make for someone:
A custom messenger bag (or some other fabric accessory)? Super-special cookies or other mailable food item? Maybe a simple hand-bound book?
...You name it; and - as long as it doesn't call for soldering skills or a serious workshop set-up - I'll probably try it. :)

I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): 
Small, Medium or Large.

I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else:
I'd rather exchange same-sized gift packages.

What I like:
Almost anything that's purple. Scrolling vine patterns. Ethnic and/or Folk art. Stuff based on Asian, especially Japanese, art & traditions. Geeky science & geeky sci-fi stuff. Coffee. Useful gadgets and gizmos. Containers & stuff for keeping other stuff in.

What I don't like:
Things that aren't useful, amusing, or aesthetically pleasing. Things made out of trash solely to keep said trash of the waste stream. It's just my own personal preference, but steampunk doesn't really float my boat. Goth doesn't either. And don't tell Robot, but yellow and orange just aren't my favorite colors.

I absolutely can't have (due to allergies, pets, etc):
Anything involving latex rubber (I'm *way* allergic).

Type of thing I'd love to receive:
Maybe something electronic-ey, since that's not one of my skills.Or else   Almost anything. :)

Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country?
Definitely - that would be so cool.

Confirm that you are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian:
I am way the heck over 18 years old.
(But my mother still generally approves of me. :)



8 years ago

Can you make lasers? Make nice arrowheads and just about any design with hand embroidery


Reply 8 years ago

Lasers as in those electronic devices that produce a finely controllable stream of coherent light? Nope: way too electronic-ey for my skill set.

I could embroider an image of a laser on something, or bake laser-shaped cookies, or make a laser-shaped soft toy, or do a simple CAD drawing of a laser, or create an 'Ible explaining how lasers work - but creating an actual laser device is not something I can do.

pie popper

8 years ago

I would like to trade, but i can't make anything electronic-ey :/

Gorframpie popper

Reply 8 years ago

Electronic-ey is definitely not required - it's just sort of an idea. I mostly just meant that it'd be cool to get something that I couldn't make for myself (like say, an embroidered pincushion - I have several, and could probably embroider more pincushions in my sleep :).

I'm not sure just how the matching up process will go - but I expect we'll both wind up with something good :).

pie popperGorfram

Reply 8 years ago

yeah, I kinda wish i could know, because I'll be gone for a week so i need to start making it now!