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My Grandpa has a Lincoln 225 Stick Welder but it is really beat up. Is it worth trying to fix? Answered

I mean it has bad cords and I don't even know if it is worth it. Is it possible to get shocked even though it is not plugged in if I open it up to look inside?  I could get new cords and stuff if the internals are working. I was going to hook it up to a power strip ( the one with a switch) so I could see if it works. But Im nervous, is it worth it? 
If not i was just going to use the case for something, a refrigerator on the inside with all the inside stuff taken out of the welder itself.


Don't worry about shock if the plug's not in. Just take a good look inside and take some pictures. Its only useful if you want to weld stuff though. Can you make it work well enough to sell on, even if you don't want to weld ?

You're welcome. Good luck. Post the pictures of the insides, and lets see if it can be used safely. Most of the welders I've seen get full of crud from the grinding off process - brush it out, and you may be good to go

Everything is worth fixing up. Have a go at it. If you get stuck or are unsure, post questions here. If you can't fix it, then use the parts for something else. Go for it.

Pictures would really help! If you are going to open it up make sure that you wait a few hours for the capacitors to discharge.