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My Instructable is in posting limbo Answered

I put up my Instructable yesterday morning. Maybe I've always been lucky, but my instructables usually only take an hour or so to go on the site.

Is this instructable in limbo, or does it usually take a day to get approved?


If you posted it when their business is closed and nobody is at HQ, it will have to wait until people are at HQ working.

It's up. I bet there's a filter for instructables that are less than x pages. My Highbeamer was up in just a few minutes...

They do seem very on the ball today. #2 son's shed project was up in a few seconds.

Still no luck. I pm'ed Randofo, but haven't heard back. Any other ideas?

Could it be something to do with the whole thing reading like an advert for Gadget Gangster, and the images were all lifted directly from that site instead of being your own original images?

Plagiarism is frowned upon here.

I work for Gadget Gangster and it's our licensed content & imagery. I hope it doesn't sound too advertise-y, but it's no worse than the mintyboost.

I apologise for the wrongful accusation.

Lady Ada has always been very open about her financial motivation, and has also made available all the information you need to make a MintyBoost without buying the kit, in much more detail than your project (as Lemonie pointed out).

If you were to add more step-by-step or previously unpublished stuff (is there an easy order to add the components? A particular trick to make the build easier? Or how about showing how to lay the components out on ordinary strip board?

(Heartily approve of the GG avatar, BTW)

She has also (IIRC) sponsored contests here.

You haven't shown much of the build. It's more "buy this" than "how to build this". Mintyboost has a lot more of the building to it, so it is in actuality not as informative. It follows that it has greater advertising content because of that, but you could fix that by adding more "build" to it. L

Gets a little irritating doesn't it? My last forum post hung up for 36 hours.

It is most probably stuck in the filters, if its not out soon I suggest dropping a PM to Randofo.


8 years ago

It can a day or more if the staff is busy.