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My Instructable was suddenly "unfeatured" Answered

My Instructable "Easy Blackberry Galette" was featured, then suddenly un-featured with no explanation as to why. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea why this would happen?


I have just experienced the same experience, I wonder if it's because I amended some mistakes that I had made,? I cannot see how this would make too much of a difference though. I hope I am as lucky, to have my instructable reinstated lol


Many thanks Kiteman ;-) I have copied the link as it appears in my history - this project was on the web last night then disappeared this morning - uk time .....


Inspecter gadget

Hi Gadget, I still see the featured star on your Instructable, so the bug must have been fixed. :-)

Hi, yes it was a small glitch somewhere on the system or a change of heart, It's all good fun ;-D

That's odd. It may have just been an errant click on our end, or someone changed their mind after the initial feature! I doubt it, but it could have happened.

Regardless, I re-featured it for you because that's a great looking instructable.

If you get unfeatured does that mean you lose your free pro membership?

No. You get a code that you can redeem when you are featured, and those don't ever expire or turn invalid, until they are used.

Getting un-featured is very rare, and most instances I know of were related to some buggy issues that were going on (at the time this forum topic was initially posted).

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager