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My Instructable won't show in explore Answered

Ok i posted an instructable but it doesn't show up when i search for it. everyone can only see it through the link. can any1 help me? heres the link my post



11 years ago

just be patient it will show up instructables has to process it before its posted so it could take a bit of time oh and the link dont work

hmmm i was kind of guessing that it had to be approved by a mod or something. ok well it says it is under published. for now i gues im the only 1 that can see the link. thanks guys

Sometimes ;) When this pops up - I just say Robot is getting behind in his/her reading :P

there is a chance that explorer isn't checking for a new version of the page and just bringing up old versions from your computer's cache.

Nope ;) Shhh... some instructables are read/approved before going public ;)


11 years ago

Gawd this is exactly the same as all the other K'nex guns! It just has a cocking thing and then you pull the trigger to move it out of the way. I hate saying something like this on instructables but PLEASE STOP POSTING THIS CRAP! GAWD!

dude its just a modification. its not another gun really.

That's exactly my point. I'm not trying to be mean or anything i'm just saying, there's a bunch of guns like this and they're all the same.

"Please stop posting" isn't a constructive comment. "Please work out a new trigger mechanism- here are some suggestions" is a productive comment.

I'm just really sick of all these copycat K'nex guns that don't change anything except aesthetics.

i may not know what aesthetics means but it doesnt just change the look it actually improves it.

Sorry, not all the knex guns.

Are you sure this is published? If you go to You does it show up under Your Instructables published is it under unpublished?
I can't see any, and as danny's comment, the link doesn't work.