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My Instructables Show Answered

I wanted to make GorillazMiko a B-day present, but due to a lot of important events, I could not make much... Anyway, I was at least able to create some Quick characters... I actually like the simple look they have... I got an idea - to make a show- centered around Ibles forum topics and stuff like that. Sooooo......heres some of what I made.....Please comment on them... 1) GorillazMiko 2) GorillazMiko playing a Banjo 3) Rear view of GorillazMiko 4) Instructables Robot 5) ewilhelm 6) Bald GorillazMiko 7) KaptinScarlet 8) Awesome drawing made by caitlinsdad! 9) Test film to check how quality comes out.....(I know, I know its horrible.....)


What was the present supposed to be?

Yeah, I might use it as my avatar. Can you take out my "parents"? Haha. :P

Yeah, probably if you take out the parents. I hope Eric doesn't care that I just change the image out of nowhere... :P

the very first episode of the show. It was suposed to be a bunch of gaga about you. Say : the trip to Ible HQ forum topics etc..

Haha, when did caitlinsdad draw that?

Haha, killerkidalope has konnections. I was hoping he was going to be able to animorph the sequence of pictures or something. Somebody will have to explain to me about the eggz. You've become a poster-child everywhere. You are now famous and belong to the public domain. Think about getting an agent and some personal assistants. I think this is going to be hilarious once it gets into the hands of the wrong people...

Kind of you to explain and klear up the konfusion. I kouldn't see what that was in the pickture. We did use plaster to fill our eggs with a small hole on one end for the teeth in our giant toothbrush science fair project. It worked out well after we mixed the plaster to be kinda runny and it poured right in. Captain Scarlet was another series along the lines of Thunderbirds so you can tell I am old, well, older :(

Woops. Accident. Kaput? Never heard of it. Go back to normal typing!

Krikey! Kaput keyboard Kould Krash the k...entire.....K....si....stem?? Komputer?

whoa!!! ANother K!!

Keith Kid

Now I'm awfully confused does kidalope refer to keith or me? or Miko? I think you may be right about the hands of the wrong people...

All of you are famous...or infamous... Killer Keith-Kid kontacted me to kreate a kartoon. Kaps-lock and the keyboard keeps on konstantly typing the letter K all over the place. Krazy.

Understandable, K is a krazy letter. We all know miko is the infamous one... With his dubious doings and stories...

Oh yes, how famous am I thread was very amusing to read through... I was actually making jokes about his strange things about the 'ibles staff of late...

oh thank you

Offer's there, I have some free time while I'm doing other stuff on the computer...

Could you say : -Hello! And welcome to Instructables HQ!- as ewilhelm? Maybe your voice could match this

cartoon wilhelm.JPG

Give me a minute to find my mic, it slipped down in to the mess of cables, also I'll look at a video with his voice...

Well I'm not sure if it sounds anything like him, you may have to find him saying it in a video and download it, also there's a noise that should be added at some point, it's something I can do at near jet volume, it is done quite often.

the ewilhelm one doesn't sound like him because you said it plain. It would sound better if it had a bit of enthusiasm. He's welcoming a Ible member!

AS for the sound......I could add it at random times throughout the animations.

Like :

hey there I- (SOUND)......what was tha-(SOUND) ....stop i-(SOUND)

tee-hee I sounds like a directorz!

Ok I'll have another go for Ewilhelm, you could have a jacklalope appear in the background at random times during the sentence thing... I said it with more enthusiasm and slightly less gravelly, my mic picks up really well so it's hard to get just right...

erm.......tha...that;s still plain.....Hes supposed to be happy!!!!!!!

HeLLOO! ANd wElcome to instructables HQ!

Get it right!

no no! please don't hit me!! I was kidding!! No! I'm sorry! Noooooo!!!

I'll try again, it's quite hard, I have to keep trying to do things different, here you go...

you have no idea how many takes it took me just to get that little :

hi! I'm gorillazmiko! and I have a short attention span!

I myself tried an ewilhelm voice.......my friends say I sound like a girl over the microphone....


Ok I added the new one in the comment below, why are you scared of me, I'm thousands of miles away? Am I scary?

I find you scary, because out of 30 comments we've talked.......20 have been you telling me to stop spamming....so I subconsciously think of you as an easily irritated person.....

could we continue this on my orangeboard? this is getting to be way too small.

the new greet.......still not happy.....he has to sound excited! It still sounds plain!!!

Oddly, this one sounded like a talk show host.....you should really consider getting in the radio business....

As for the greet....try to make it sound like mine.....

So try again? Also any other voices you want, I'm sure i'm of some use...not

No I just don't know what the outcome of that sentence was, I thought one of them sounded pretty cheery but my mistake, do you want more attempts was what I was asking because your comment was confusing, also any other voices to throw in, I'm actually recording for a video I'm making anyway so it's no bother to me.

So try again? Also any other voices you want, I'm sure i'm of some use...not

the not scared me......To be honest I'm afraid of you....so...please dont use sarcasm near me.....

anyway, this is kinda what I was hoping for:

don't laugh...

I actually had the idea of the jackalope appearing in the background, long before I started working on the GorillazMiko thing

has to be longer, though so far I like... I think you need exra comedy voices...

The only thing that has kept me from actually doing anything is the voices.....Only one of my friends voices matches some of the characters I want...

Perhaps the Instructable peoples own voices?

and Thanx

though so far I like

Well keep working on it, voices can alway be recorded and sent to you via email...