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My K'NEX WASP (+ Mods, Internals, and Video) Answered

The WASP (War Assault Semi-automatic Pistol, designed by oodalumps) has always intrigued me. I mean, come on, its a semi-automatic TR8, you can't go wrong with that mix. The gun is great. It is nice looking (well, I think it is, my mom said it looked like a backwards boat...), it is simple, it is almost foolproof, and it gets relatively good range for being a SA gun. It is not piece consuming, and it is heavily customizable.

  • Good range (for a semi-automatic gun): 20 - 30 ft. (it kinda depends on what ammo you are using, what type of bands you have, and how many)
  • Easy trigger pull (compared to other semi-automatic guns)
  • TR8 included
  • Sturdy (except for the TR8 "bay," the area below the TR8)
  • No bullet jams (I ran at least 100 rounds through this thing, and the only thing that jammed was the trigger)
  • Semi-automatic mechanism could be used in almost any gun
(The first 15 pictures are of my WASP [including one pic of oodalumps WASP], some of them may contain image notes if you want to know more about the gun.)

After you have looked through the first 15 pics, you will notice that the background changes on pic 16. The gun in pic #16 is a WASP, but this WASP has a grey connecter magazine. Admittedly, this mag did not work the best, but it was a good try all the same. I believe the mag could have held 5 - 10 bullets, and would have been sweet if it had worked. Give it a try for yourselves.

Now move on to pic 20. In this pic, you will see another WASP mod, but this mod has an oodammo rail that you could use. This rail was very crappy, and it needs some work, but, overall, I got it to shoot 20 ft. (not using oodammo).


-The Red Book of Westmarch


Well yes, then no, since you are one of the first persons I ever saw that used almost all red connecters.

The gun is already broken up, I have had like 10 projects since this was posted. =D

great gun, great mech! but was this oodalumps' idea originally?

No, no, no, you are missing the point. I posted this forum topic because:
1) The WASP is not really here on 'ibles
2) I wanted to give just a quick review and video.

You're having trouble because you are missing the side supports in this picture: photobucket.com/albums/c19/oodalumps/wasp/Picture42.jpg

Dude you made a WASP!? Please make an ible' if you have time, oodalumps version was really awesome.
Where did you find pictures?

Oops! Got carried away looking at this one and forgot to look at the prior one. I got the pictures now.

Posting pics of your own wasp is fine.