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My Knex Gun Rating System Answered

I QUIT, SORRY. I am starting a new business. I will rate any of your guns (as long as they're not too big) and post a detailed rating of it. I work on a first come first serve basis. Allow up to 2 weeks for each gun and keep in mind if there are 8 in front of you, it could take me a month or 2 to get to yours. All I ask in return is for you to post a link of my rating on the front page of the gun I rated. Hope to see a few guns before next Saturday. I would have done Pros Cons Stats Does It Have...? Can It Be...? Rating Overall Would I recommend It Final Rating


OK. Time To Test You. Build My (INVISIBLE) gun.

He is quitting the rating biz because of randofo. His last rating is my new gun.

I was trying to wind you guys up.....

Yeah sorry. It's not only Randofo but I had to blame it on somebody (srry randofo). I have so many of my own instructables backed up I had to stop. I may do one or 2 more in a few months, but not anytime soon.

Are you going to build these and test them? Sounds like a reasonable idea, but you should get a couple of other builders to collaborate - panel of judges. L

You'd get problems with people arguing over your rating, but if "the judges have decided" less so. I think you'd get more interest as well.


Sounds like a good idea. If you or anyone wants to be one of the 2 people in myy rating group go here. You will need to build at least 1 per week and then mail me all of the ratings. Then we will average them together and I wil post it as a collaboration.

That's the sort of thing I was thinking of, but while I like your ideas I'm a bit short on KNEX (and you may have noticed that I haven't published anything KNEX yet). Just trying to add ideas to something I think has potential. L

You have got to be the most active non knexer on the knex fourms.

Maybe, but I don't make much distinctions as I view "all". An idea doesn't have to be a KNEX idea or not a KNEX idea. I don't think a personal rating system will work, but a group one might. It doesn't bother me that much, but the ideas and thinking behind it are broader than KNEX alone. L

This is going to fail

But that is because they built their own things. I am not going to build anything that isn't suggested.

You're not going to build quick enough , and besides what kind of person sits at home forever and plays builds with knex to satisfy some random little kids on the internet?

He probably has summer vacation atm, just like me.

I don't know about you but i have better things to do than play with knex during summer vacation.

I don't have a lot of knex time during school. I take advantage of weekends and holidays when I can.

That sounds like a fun and interesting life.

LOL, stumbled on this comment when I was checking out your profile page. Poor you, you don't have a lot of free time after school....I have around 4 hours of free time each and every weekday :-P Tsk, tsk....

No I have it in late June but I have 2 hours free each day after school and about 3 hours each day on the weekends. I work hard and get homework done quick. Lol.

How is it a business?

Review my Jackal v2. thanks!

I will. I have already built another so yours should be up in a few weeks. Please be patient.