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My Knex Oodassault 4.1 Answered

This is my upgraded DERP pistol. It is the best oodammo pistol I have made thus far. Enjoy. =)

Credit goes to TheDunkis and Zak.


Cheers. =D This is just one of those projects that is really fun to mess around with. And you got anything new?

I just need to make something post worthy; I have so many ideas but im not sure what one will work good or not.

i have a ton of ideas bouncing around in my head but not enough pieces or time which stinks because i think they will work =(

Thats not good. You will eventually get more knex; just keep persisting on getting some. =)

Yup. I am now making a compact crossbow that should just obliterate the creeping death minibow's power and range. =D


6 years ago

Looks great!

just realised, but why is there MW2 in the tags? i like the game but i don't get this

There was a huge MW2 craze a while back and a lot of guns were built for that craze. And its also a popular knex gun tag. =)

pretty cool, i like the angle of the hanlde.

Cheers. =) Just felt like going against the usual 45 degree handle oodammo pistols.

It's my favorite handle connection method so far.
Anywho, good job. Glad you liked it. I think I'm sticking with my Oodassault 3, though. As much as I liked the ergonomics of this weapon, the 3 just works better for me. Still figured I'd offer another option for others.