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My Knex Safe Answered

having a little break from guns and decided to make a knex safe comment rate and subscribe
enjoy =)


 when do you think itmight be posted ?

this is long gone mate its not that hard to make though check some other peoples out

Not bad, but I could get into it in 2 seconds. Try making one that's smaller but stronger.

You could get into IAC's safe in 2 seconds if you had his cannon.

Haha yes definantly. I am currently making a huge breakthrough in safe technology. What's the point of a safe if anyone can crack the code easily. What i made is one of the strongest and safest safes ever. And how do you open it? a knex key, Any other key and it won't open but get the right one and turn it, boom! its open. I will post a forum soon once I finish it.

Silly little human. Once it is finished it will be almost completely covered and the mechanism is very hidden so recreating the exact kind of key that works will be almost impossible. It is truely one of my best creations ever.

You can still take it apart, even though it is harder to do so. If it was impossible to take apart, then you couldn't build it in the first place. He also said that excessive force could also destroy the safe.

Maybe. It would take a while and I still don't think his cannon would be enough. Other forces... yeah maybe.

yes thanks i will make a version 2 at some point in my knex life


8 years ago

Nice! Finally you did something semi-new.

Well built, but like Knexguy said its a little easy to break into. Not a big deal or anything, as I doubt you'd be keeping your life savings in a Knex safe no matter how secure... Also, you prettymuch used my exact mechanism, I wouldn't mind a mention for that :-)

well its not realy your mech hundreds of people have used it o u tube and stuf like that

Ive seen perhaps five mechanisms, and they are all relatively different. You basically removed one tumbler and thats it.

Pretty cool; I think you should add numbers to the tumbler so you will know what the combination is :)