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My LED matrix isn't working? Answered

I made 10x9 LED matrix so far. I wanted to make music analyzer. But I got a problem.
My whole matrix is mixed up. Columns and rows are connected propertly. When i connect row 2 and column 3, for example, 10 random LEDs are light up(they are always the same.). Also, i can connect positive pole to chatode or anode, both way LEDs will light,
What could be a problem? I was looking for burned LEDs and changed them(there was only two). 
I'm so confused. 

Thanks in advance.
[pics upload don't work, so please allow imageshack: http://img199.imageshack.us/g/someting467.jpg/]


Lets face it - The gremlins haven't got in here and rearranged the laws of physics so what you have is a wiring problem"

Your image-link is a 404, we can't see what you've got here.
Try the img upload again?


Keep the / in at the end of the URL - works for me.

Yes, odd. It still looks like a mess though.


I sure as hell can't see consistency in the matrix wiring

The detail isn't visible behind (what we see), no.



7 years ago

Meabe it dosen't look, but it is consistent. There is no shorts(there was, but if you can see small white stickers, I removed shorts with then). My wiring should be right, I'm doing standard LED matrix. It seems disconnecting will be my only option. frollard, sorry.

imageshack picture won't work for me.

Make sure there are no shorts between the various LED legs and the wires.

Make sure - Totally sure your wiring is right.

If it still gives problems disconnect the wiring so you can check each row of the matrix one at a time.

Your wiring doesn't look consistent to me.