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My Laptop's wifi Has Low Connectivity Answered

I have an HP Windows 8 laptop that used to have fast internet. But for a while now, it's only had 2-3, or sometimes even 1 bar. I am using my neighbors internet right now. My sister also has a windows 8 laptop, and she uses the same internet I do. But she has great internet, mostly full bars. I know my laptop is capable of having fast speed too, I just don't know how. I think there is a setting or program stopping it from having better connects. I just want to know if there is a way fix the problem without messing with the modem. One last thing, when the laptop first starts up, the internet is at full bars about 2 seconds, then goes down to about two. Any way I can fix this issue?



5 years ago

Try disabling and then re-enabling your laptop's wireless radio. You can do this via Windows.

Put your mouse in the bottom left corner of the screen, then right click. Click on Device Manager which is the fifth item from the top.

A new window will open with a list of categories of devices. Search down the list for Network adapters, and click the arrow to the left of it. You should see at least two devices listed.

One will say something about gigabit controller, or broadcom, or ethernet. This is for the ethernet port on your laptop. There will be another one for your laptop, and that will be for your wireless radio. It might say something about wireless.

You need to right click on that device, and click disable. The window will refresh, and there will now be a down arrow on that device symbol. It might tell you you have to restart your computer in order to disable it.

Wait a minute or so, then enable it. Just right click on it and select enable.

This is one thing you can try to restore your internet connection. If it doesn't, come back and let me know, I'll be thinking of other things you can try to fix your issue.

If you are getting permission to use your neighbor's internet, you might ask them to restart their router. This will not mess with their settings. Usually this involves pressing a refresh button on the router, or powering it off then on again. If you don't have permission, this would make them privy to the fact that you are stealing their internet, which will lead to an unhappy relationship between you and them. Just remember, honesty is the best policy, and may lead to the solution for your problem.



5 years ago

we used to get bad signal when my daughters baby monitor was turned on. the frequency was stepping on the wifi signal.
Once we got rid of it (the monitor not my daughter) our signal improved.


5 years ago

Are you saying your laptop does not work well with your neighbor's internet? You have permission to use it?