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My M4 replica Answered

This is my M4 replica. The features:
-Removeable mags
-Modified Motaboi crane stock
-4 attachement rails
-Iron sights
-True trigger
-pin guide
-40-50' range
-Fake charging handle
-New magazine
-Trigger gaurd

It shoots blue rods, external mag pusher.
So, whadaya think? should I post?


 What's with the nerf gun

its mah custom longshot!:p I'm finishin up the pump action grip. im doin EVERYTHIN to it.

 Cool i think I am going to make a doomsayer soon.


8 years ago

cool! 5* post!

The gun looks good but if you post please make better pics, use more light.

What about the top rail thingy?

On the real gun it's removable revealing a rail. You could put an ACOG or something.

i like it