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My MAME cabinet Answered

I decided to build a MAME cabinet from scratch.  I got the basic shape from http://www.arcadecab.com/Intro.htm.  I'm not sure what to make it out of.  I'm thinking just 3/4"plywood but I'm not sure it will finish nice.  Home Depot lists it online costing $40 which is kind of pricey.  For around $20 they have "Ultra-Blend Particleboard Underlayment" but I'm not sure it's really meant for this kind of thing.

I modeled everything in Sketchup.  The file is attached.  I also attached a number of shots so you can get an idea.  I guess you can't add notes to pictures in a forum topic?  There is a stool that slides out so kids can play easier.  The control panel will hinge out to access the wires.  Another hinged door will conceal the keyboard and mouse which will slide out on drawer slides.  The keyboard is just a grey boxy shape in my sketchup pics.  Another larger door will swing open for access to the computer.  The screen itself, a standard modern LCD computer monitor, will be removable so it can be easily turned 90 degrees for vertical games.  One pic has it in the vertical position.  The red button between the speakers above the screen is a pause button.

I'd also like a way to turn off the lights behind the marquee when the computer goes to sleep.  I can handle the electronics to turn off the lights if only I can get a 5v or 12v signal from the computer when it goes to sleep.

So what do you think?  I'm still in the planning stage although I have ordered the controls and keyboard emulator.



8 years ago

Here are 2 links to black vinyl adhesive that I found with a quick google search. The ebay link indicates that the product is made by Avery. I din't see it on their website but you could call CS and inquire. Good Luck http://www.tiptopsigns.com/Blank-Self-Adhesive-Vinyl-Material-p-314.html http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120312923454&crlp=1_263602_263622&ff4=263602_263622&viewitem=&guid=b490d5301280a0265333ec43ff9fde36&rvr_id=&ua

I made mine with mdf, but if you make it from mdf, you almost have to you a nail gun, otherwise it will split. AI

And speaking of plywood. Is it possible to paint it and have it look good? I'm thinking of the rough nature of plywood. I thought maybe I could cover it with like a black plastic veneer but I've searched and it doesn't seem to exist. I'm a novice when it comes to woodworking and completely out of my element. I just want the finished product to look nice.

. There is no such thing as cheap plywood anymore. :( . Plywood is just wood. Finishing the surface is no different than working with solid wood. Fill any holes, sand, and paint. . I have no idea about black plastic veneer.

I will be painting it. I'll need three 8'x4' sheets and I was hoping to spend less than $100. Maybe I can find better prices than what Home Depot lists online if I shop around a little.