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My Maytag mod. is LAT9614AAE. The problem is cold water runs constantly whether mach. is turned off or not. Advise.. Answered

My Maytag washer runs cold water constantly, will not turn off. We were doing some laundry and fortunately my wife was doing some other chores in the basement or our finished basement would have been flooded. I have not attempted anything as yet, but I do want to make the repairs myself if possible.  I suspect a stuck solenoid or valve on the cold water side.  Please advise the proper way to get into this area without damaging the machine. I am handy with tools and repairs around the home. 



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I say stuck solenoid. And what Raving' advises is a sensible approach.
Just check that unplugged the machine keeps taking water.


Mr. Lemonie,  While I was waiting for a reply, I decided to disassemble the water valve assembly.  I first checked to see I had the proper voltage to each solenoid and when I confirmed this, I decided to disassemble the  valve hoping it wouldn't fly apart.  When I did, I found some evidence of the hard water we live with. We are in a rural area and have our own well water. It has a good sweet taste of the surrounding springs, but it is extremely hard. I soaked the parts in a bowl of vinegar for a short time, cleaned them up a bit and re-assembled the valve and thank the Lord everything is working fine.  Thanks so much for your reply--Bobby & Debbie 

It's good to hear it was the valve and not the brain timer...that can get expensive!

Good job on the fix!

It's nice to have your own supply, and it's good to see an answer to a problem. I'm pleased you fixed it.


<<< Hillbilly fix >>> I understand this problem has been solved but I wanted to add that this is a very common problem with washing machines as well.  And the fixes expressed work the same for washing machines.  I wanted to add a temp fix that works as well and does not require any tear down or replacement of parts and takes 5 minutes.
Got a wash machine that is dripping water all the time into the tub? I just switched the HOT and COLD water hoses and then set the machine to cold water cycles only.   The point is to only use the solenoid valve that is still working.  Hook up whatever temp water hose you want to use then make sure the machine is set to just use that solenoid.   Now if you leave the bad solenoid hose inlet unhooked sometimes water will want to drip out that as well so you hook up a hose that is folded and clamped so it does not leak.  I once dug up an old hose value and connected that to free end of the hose and had the value closed it makes a good blocked hose.
Me and my wife been using a washing machine with a bad solenoid valve for years with the replacement still setting on a shelf above it.  Maybe when we decide to sell it I might give it the full fix.   Still it works fine with the 5 minute fix.

This site is unbelievable. It was so kind of these gentlemen to take time out of their busy day to try to solve a problem I had. I tried contacting Sears and they would offer no help except to send a service man for $150.00 plus parts and taxes.  thank the Lord there are people like these gentlemen willing to help someone in need.  May God Keep & Bless you all. Bobby & Debbie

Welcome to the site!

If its not too much trouble, may I suggest photographing the parts you took apart (if they are still remotely apart) - and putting that on the site?

Upload an instructable "how to fix a clogged solenoid valve".

That's what the site is here for!  Use and contribute!

Mr. Frollard, Thanks so much for your suggestion, but unfortunately I already had re-assembled the valve before I read your answer. But next time I can assure you I will do as you suggest. This site is so GREAT,  the very least I can do is help some other unfortunate soul perhaps solve a problem.  I suppose this site will work particularly well if one is not afraid to tackle a problem and is not only familiar with tools but has them at their disposal.  Thanks again--Bobby & Debbie

This is almost definitely the fill valve. You'll just need to remove a couple of screws in the back to take off the valve bracket, then disconnect the valve from the wires and the hose that are attached to it. Then just replace the valve with a new one, and you're good to go.

Do shop around a bit for the replacement valve. If someone tries to charge you more than $30.00, keep looking.

Here's a link to a diagram that might be helpful:


Mr. RavingMadStudios,  Thanks so much for your reply. Please refer to the answer to Mr. Lemonie.  Bobby & Debbie

Try a test first.  Turn the water valve back on and then unplug the washer.  Is the water still running?  If so then it is indeed the fill valve.  If the water stops when you unplug the washer then you have an electrical short or a stuck timer switch and will have to do some more detective work.

Hope it's the valve.