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My New Bike (which im not going to take apart) Answered

so i finally got a picture of my new bike, and here it is, its a mongoose and its a nice bike to ride, but the shocks are a bit well, press easily, if you know what i mean, if you have something for that let me know, now i'll be able to get slurpees and not get told about how crappy my bike is by the stupid bike shop guy, what a jerk. oh well, here it is and im hopeing to get my diy white castle burgers on here soon. Thanks.



7 years ago

The forks don't look adjustable from here but it's always worth asking- if there's a twisty knob on top of one of the legs marked "preload", turn it up! Otherwise I think the traditional technique is to dismantle the forks and stick a stack of washers at the bottom to take up some travel on the spring (what a preload mechanism does anyway, more or less).

I had the same problem with a GT I owned years ago, great frame for trails and mild off-road stuff, but I weighed less than 10 stone at the time and I'd still bottom out the forks bumping down drops a few inches high.


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