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My New Bow Answered

Just wanted to post a pic of my spring break project, it's a 50 lb red oak bow with bamboo arrows. At the edge of the pic you can see Tracey, excited to help daddy go hunt up some supper ;0-).  This is my second homemade bow, but the first that doesn't suck ;-). It's nice to know after way too many years away from archery I can still put three arrows in a four inch circle (some of the time).


...some of the time. =)

Great project!  My kid made one last year.  After forsaking my reccomendation for the first 7 or 8 tries (he made 'em out of all sorts of weak wood),  Cedar finally did the trick.  We've got a lot of Oak too, so I might make myself one this spring.

And 3 out of 4,  in a 4" circle is pretty good (if you practice as infrequently as I do!).

> three arrows in a four inch circle
.  Assuming you're talking 10 yards or greater, I'd say that's pretty Fn good for a DIY bow and DIY arrows. Better than most ppl can do with a store-bought rig. Nice job.