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My New Knex Gun- DG12 Marksman rifle Answered

Hello Knexers! this is a new gun that is unpostable due to a bug that won't let me upload images on 'create'.This is a rachet system slingshot rifle. It is good enough to be a snipers rifle, but due to the mediocre accuracy produced, I decided to make it a Marksman rifle. It is accurate up to 30ft or so, but its maximum range is about 60-80ft. The mechanism is always reliable (Thanks to I_am_Canadian's striker pistol) and never breaks. The gun is only 3-layers thick due to my lack of pieces. There is a foldable rear sight positioned at the front of the stock.  Ammo is variable from a blue rod with a red connector, all the way up to a grey/black/clear size with a red connector. I would not recommend this as a primary, due to the time taken to reload in all slingshots. If so make this a sort of secondary.

Mods: Last two pictures

Credit: I_am_Canadian for his striker pistol

Dedicated to Geodez and DJRadio, who make me laugh (geodez) and dedicate time to help me (DJ).


Realy great for an gun with an elastic system ! ( The best for my ... )

I dedicated time to help you? Lol ok then. :P

Yes, when you explained how to make a good knex gun.


6 years ago

I'm sorry but this is not innovative. Its just a T gun
Look up to kinect's forum topic 'inventing the wheel' to
Understand what I said

It wasn't supposed to be innovative

It looks cool. The Striker Pistol was actually a modified version of the Sipriani Rifle.

Looks pretty cool. I like the flip up sight :)