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My New Knex Slide Ation Oodammo Pistol Answered

So this is my new slide action oodammo pistol that i made today, i made it in about a hour or two, so uh tell me what you think of it and i might post it if you guys want. I havent tested thew ranges out yet but im guessing around 35-40 ft flat.=)


 not really different from this one:


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Not really different from this one:

llll 017.JPG

Thats not really different from this one:


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 wont build but post it, its better than dj's

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 is this the one you were telling me about?


8 years ago


Looks good!
It looks like you wanted to make somthing like the ZLG.
You should post it.

PS. You spelled Action wrong in the title ;)


i want atleast five requests to post it before i post it

ya but sometimes im lazy and i need all the things that help me be more lazy


8 years ago

It's ok, but again, nothing new.