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My Nintendo DSL upper screen is very dim/very dark compared to the bottom, so I replaced it. However, it is still dim. Answered

So I dropped my NDSL about a month ago and it would not power on. I took it apart and figured the L2 fell out of place. So, I soldered it back on and everything seemed OK, except that my upper screen is now totally darker (perhaps one-half or less than one-half as bright) and very difficult to see. It's almost impossible to play games like Final Fantasy IV or really any game that mainly depends on the upper screen. So I figured that I should get that part replaced, which I did several weeks later. Now I think I did the replacement right, as my DS powers on (both top and bottom screens) and the sound works fine, but the darker upper screen issue persists! Oh, and furthermore, after I replaced the upper screen, there seems to be a row of lights trying to come through at the bottom of the new screen... they look like four brighter, more "normal" (as opposed to dim like the rest of my top screen) spots of light that weren't there before. Now, I'm guessing my screen is fine, and the problem might be something else... Anyone have any ideas? Please help :)


Seems the lcd is fine, but the backlight is toast. Does the replacement lcd come with the backlight? Check that circuit first.

Oh, I see, that makes sense. Sorry, but I'm not sure if the replacement came with backlight... This is the one I got if it helps, but the summary didn't say anything.


Anyways, is there a specific solder joint that I should check if backlight happens to be the problem? If so, which one? I only remember desoldering the microphones from the old lcd and soldering them on the new one. Other than that, I left the top screen alone.

The replacement has an opaque back - so it has a backlight built in. I'm pretty sure you're looking for an 'el inverter' on the board. I don't know where it is in a ds :( Most of the wires going from the ribbon cable are skinny, meaning they are signals for the lcd, the ones at the end are fatter - making me think those are the 2 going to the power source, or the backlight.

I'm not sure as to how I can fix that because the ribbon is latched on and individual wires can't be taken apart. But, thanks very much for the lead :) Maybe I should find out if my replacement is defective...

I'd agree with frollard - dim screen = dim backlighting.


Did your solder stray a little bit? This could be symptom of a short. It could also be a bad connection there too. Examine, desolder and try again. You might also have to consider that a third party part might not be perfect. I've had a couple of really junky parts that made me rethink repairing my DSbut if the part works well enough and it's $100 cheaper than replacing the whole DS it might be worth it.