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My Nintendo Wii has the black screen of death please help Answered

As the title suggests my wii (4.3e) has a black screen of death after i installed priiloader and enabled a few hacks in the system menu nothing now works and any help would REALLY be appreciated.


See if this webpage will help you... if not, as a last resort you could try this page. Beyond that, you'll have to give us a bit more information (or do the same at the website I linked to, as they can probably offer more specific knowledge/advice) to your problem.

Black SOD?
Is this where it doesn't start up?


Wait! I just had another go at it and its started with priiloader which has just decided to work again it's alive again! To answer your question it did start up and the light went green, but there was just a blank black screen where nothing not even priiloader worked.