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My Prize! Answered

Got my Prize package for the "Show Your Heart" Valentine's Day Contest today! I wasn't aware that they would include an Instructable's patch and their new...STICKERS! I want to thank all of you at Instructables for the awesome prizes that you give out. -Muffin


Congratulations :) So where are you going to put your new patch?

Actually, you will soon see an instructable dealing with the patches and some neodymium magnets ;P Feel free to make it first, I'm away all weekend @ West Point for Science Olympiad. Wish me luck! -Muffin

Cool, good luck :) I'm busy all weekend..... Sanding Sanding Sanding! hooray for HPV!

Is my school the only one that calls it "A PUSH"?

Well Done.. Cor...Heavy reading matter underneath :-) ...One zealot cried, My motto for the Reds is S.O.S.ship or shoot... ' American Life in the Roaring Twenties'

Haha! Actually, I was going to make a note of that in the picture, but for some reason it wasn't working. I was doing AP U.S. History homework. It's about the 1920's and the "Red Scare."

I think I had to read that book too when I took AP USHist.. :P At least that sentence Jezza Bear finished sticks out for some reason :P

To be honest, I found the actual college courses to be much easier than AP stuff.... But perhaps that was just due to timing - I work well when I'm not in a structured setting. Structure == turkey farm :P

How did you know about the rest of the sentence that was covered up by the knife? Do you have the same textbook?


11 years ago

Wow! thats fast- I haven't even got the Pocket Ref from the x-mas contest yet.... I wonder if the instructables store ate my prize?!

Same here...I never got the t-shirt from this contest.

Don't worry, I got that about one week ago. IT WILL COME! =D

Let me look into that...

Sweet! Shame I'm way over in the UK - it'll be ages before our postie gets round to delivering mine!