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My RC car circuit board Answered

Hi, i need some help. A few weeks ago i took apart a RC (remote controlled) car circuit board but some of the cables couldn't hold and just broke off so i'd be so thankful if one of you smart people out there could tell me (or draw on the picture) where everything is supposed to go (including the antenna :-) and the forwart and backward motor. thanks Kacper


hey there, i posted here a while ago and i figured i would take a second look. i have outlined (in the red squares) all of the places i can see from your pic where wires might have been attached to. the one in the bottom left that is outlined very well may be for power, since it leads directly to one of the pins on the chip, but the others im not sure, look for any places where it looks like a wire might have been attached, with nothing gained, nothing can be lost.


on the circuit board there is this long thing and the antenna is connected to it. What is in the inside?

I have a circuit board kinda like yours, and thanks to your pic, i now know what all the wires are for! mine came out of a disabled (fell of the top shelf) radio shack grinder rc truck. but my circuit board has one thing yours doesn't, near the front, it has a big white connector. since it was almost a year ago when it broke, i have no idea what it's for, is it for the steering, or what?

thats from a radio shack car, its not an rc

hi there.,.,can i get the specification of the IC???

my guess long one that goes around the board - battery - square spot in the center - battery + top left corner in img 1 - antenna

the long black wire is the antenna

i have the same thing