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My R/C truck needs a paint job, Help me design it !! Answered

Hey, I have a R/C truck which i bought and assembled recently.

At the moment its painted plain yellow because it looked better than the bare plastic, plain yellow is boring though and i was wondering weather any of you creative types could help me come up with an awesome paint job.

I dont mean a single colour i mean like a design, say A-Team style or something.

Here is what i have thought of :
  • A-Team van
  • Scoobie Doo Mystery machine van
  • Kill Bill (Black stripe + blood splatter :P)

I bet someone has an awesome idea, the prize for the best idea is having it painted on my van ! :D

btw. i haz 133t painting skills lol



isn't that simply paint splatters

Dead easy to do - just stand the body-shell in the middle of a load of newspaper and throw stuff at it.

Thats a really good idea, ill see how many colours i can find.

paint like it was the inside of an armory

Gimme some time. Even if I'm too late, I will enjoy this.


9 years ago

You should steampunk it, I am surprised rocket didn't suggest this.

A team FTW. Get a Mr. T figure and stick him in/on it. Then NO ONE will mess with yo van fooo! Second choice: Scooby Doo!

Yeah, I love Kiteman's idea. Show us how it comes out!


9 years ago

A-Team van. No doubt.

Its definitley in my top 3

I think you should go with kiteman's idea! (darn he beat me to it, LOL I had the same idea)