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My RW DVD ROM DRIVE just stopped reading CDs!!! It will read DVDs fine but not audio or data cds, Need help please !!! Answered

My Gateway laptop cd drive,  model  HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC_4243N, has been working perfectly fine till about a month ago when I realised it was not playing my CDs.  It will play DVDs so I know it's working, Device Manager reports that it is working properly and the troubleshooting process does not cover my scenario ( apparently the problem is usually the other way around).  I've tried updating driver but that says I have the most recent driver.  Scans don't show anything.  The only thing that I had done which might relate was that I had installed Bluetooth on my laptop but it kept giving me an error message re audio wireless which would not load.  I ignored it at first but when I started having trouble with my CD drive I uninstalled it, unfortunately that didn't help.



8 years ago

 If you haven't yet fixed it - you can try cleaning the lens in your cd/dvd reader. Just use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol and gently wipe the lens and let it dry. If you have a can of compressed air you can shoot a couple of quick blasts of air into the opening of the CD tray when it's open to blow out any dust. I run into this issue on client computers often, it's just odd that you can read DVD and not CD, you're right it's usually the other way around. Good luck /JC/

I suggest RE INSTALLING the drivers for your rom drive.  I had problems once with my desktop computer which was caused by me installing too much software on my computer.  some of the software used old drivers or over-wrote newer software... and finally i had problems.  Now i dont install anything unless i am sure i NEED IT and will use it.  My computer was so messed up, i had to re-format the hard drive and re-install everything... but that fixed all the problems with "NO AUDIO" that i had.

If you haven't installed anything important since the Bluetooth stuff, you could try going back to a restore point (from before you installed Blue tooth). I understand that you've tried uninstalling it, but it can't hurt to go ahead and do a system restore, right? Is it just audio CDs that don't work? Have you tried running a game CD? Hope all goes well.

How old is the device, and have you tried cleaning it?