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My Red Crystal Star Pendant, with tutorial to share too! Answered

Hi All,

I just finished drawing out the tutorial for this beaded red crystal
star pendant - sort of using the beaded bead beading technique.

See the free tutorial at:
Pendant Tutorial

the finished photo of my pendant:

Thanks for looking!


It's a bit OTT for my taste, but it would stall make a good Instructable - why not post one?

Sorry about that, should have included OT in my title. Just joined this site, was exploring the site and thought I'd post something to start myself off with. Cheers!

. I think OTT = Over The Top, but it's hard to tell with those Brits.
. If that's true, what he's telling you is that, while it's not something he likes, other people on this site would probably enjoy seeing an Instructable on how it's done.

Oh I see, sorry for my limited knowledge in the short form thing. There is a link to the tutorial of the pendant though.

Yes, sorry, OTT means Over The Top*

Don't get me wrong - it's nice, but really not my style. My sister might wear it, but she wears cerise and fairies on a day-to-day basis.

* I Keep forgetting that the Young Colonials are still coming to terms with the exciting possibilities of learning the whole English language. Some day.

Aren't you? So you're a Native American, then?

A) Yes, partially anyway B) America gained independance from Great Britain 232 years ago...in case you didn't hear :p

. Some ppl might disagree. Say those in Iraq and Afghanistan. ;)