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My Sony Video Cassette Cam dnt hav USB port or Memory Card. So Tough to Convert from Cassette:( Any Solution to UpGrade? Answered


What "video-out" does it have?


There are probably two ports that you can make use of.  First would be a mini-jack which Sony normally puts with a RGB converter that you could plug into say a DVD recorder and convert videos that way.  Second, there should be a 4-pin firewire port that you can plug into a video card on a computer and encode all your video.  You can then either keep it digitally or burn it to dvd from your computer's drive.

Hi, are you talking about a full sized Video Cassette like the ones you put in a VCR, or are you using a miniDV tape. miniDV is a very popular format which is still used by professionals. Your camera will most likely have a firewire port aviable which by connecting to a firewire port on your computer you would be able to import the video. Failing that your camera probably will have a composite video output with audio (Generally the Yellow, white and red RCA cables). You could then purchase a capture card and that is another way of importing video.