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My Spore (pc version) will not run at all!!! Answered

I bought Spore when it first came out and had fun playing it for about 10 weeks. The when I went to play it one day, the screen went dark like it was loading, but then a box came up that said "Spore has encountered a problem and needs to close....". I have rebooted my computer, de-installed and re-installed the game, checked the EA games website, but nothing works. Has anyone else had this problem? Can it be fixed? Thanks!


I Googled "Spore has encountered a problem and needs to close", over 5000 results. If it's happened to you it's almost certainly happened to someone else, and the answers are already out there.
Try this forum thread
simple answer to long question - http://support.ea.com


. What software did you install before it quit working? Uninstall it and see what happens.